Meteoric water treatment plants
Applications: purification of contaminated meteoric waters and first rain water. Technological solutions vary depending on the type of water (first rain water or any meteoric water) and on the contaminants.
First rain water: according to the law , the first rain water volume is stored in storage tanks, the wastewater is treated and discharged in a way that prevents overloading of receiving bodies. Storage volumes are calculated based on the entire dimension of the site. The purification treatment varies from simple sedimentation and de-oiling systems to complete treatment plants.
Meteoric water treatment: in order to calculate the flow rate, both the local average and maximum precipitation are taken into account. Similarly to the first rain waters, purification treatment may vary from simple sedimentation and de-oiling systems to complete purification plants, depending on the characteristics of the contaminants.
Chemical-physical plant for first rain water treatment
Detail of the rainwater storage and lifting area
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